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Bikepacking trip through Ontario - The first day Part. 2

I reached my friend Chris's house at noon. Chris is an amazing skate and action sports photographer (@chrisfitzsimmons). He was kind enough to let me spend the night at his basement even though he was away for vacation. His mom came out to greet me as soon as I reach the address. Surprised by how fast I reached Orangeville then I figured out it is only 50 something km away, I figured that it was better to be progressive in the distances I would cover. Didn't want to burn myself off on the first day.

I was showed the room I would spend the night in, his basement room shared the space with his mom's soap making studio. This made the basement smell really good, after resting for a few minutes decided to go out on foot and explore the beautiful downtown and grab something to eat as I was starving. Got out and started walking...

Came across a small park and while walking on the trail I saw a photographer on the lower deck of a bridge doing what it looked like a photoshoot. I had the desire to give him some pointers as I could clearly see that he was somewhat of a beginner, didn't want to bother him so I continued walking.

I grew hungrier by the minute so I walked to the main street where all the restaurants are. Orangeville is a cozy little town not too far from the city must say I like it. Stopped at a restaurant, had a steak with fries and a beer. I wrote in my journal:

"I am happy I came here. I'm kinda nervous about the rest of the trip"

Here are some more photos of my day in the town

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